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Gay Links/Resources

Please email to add a contact.

Safe Contacts

Any LGB&T member of the University community who would like to discuss an issue related to sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace can contact a Network volunteer for support. There are Network volunteers who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered and can be contacted directly:


Craig Brierley - ext. (7)66205

Additionally, the Network works closely with the Dignity@Work team who can provide assistance on more specific cases of discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation.


Members of the Network are available to act as informal mentors for any member of staff who would be interested in this. The mentoring programme is linked to the University's existing provision.

New Members Supporters

Designed to welcome new members, the LGB&T Network has set-up New Members Supporters. It allows a member of the Network to meet with a volunteer member before a Network event. Contact the Chair, Lucian Stephenson for more information.

Local organisations

  • The Kite Trust Access free support for LGBT+ people under the age of 25. Find out about our one-to-one support and our exciting social groups.

  • The CUSU LGBT supports the needs of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender students at Cambridge University.

  • Dhiverse is a local charity concerned with HIV and STD education; their site is a good source of information and there is potential for volunteering and making friends.

  • The Encompass Network is an independent umbrella organisation for the LGBTI communities in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas.

  • Cambridge Gay and Bi Meet Up is a social group in Cambridge for the LGBT community, organising a wide variety of regular social events.

Regional organisations

National organisations

  • Broken Rainbow (tel. 0845 265 260 4460) offers support to LGBT victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

  • Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG) (tel. 0845 652 0311) is a national voluntary organisation supporting the parents and families of LGB people.

  • Stonewall (tel. 08000 502 020) is the UK's largest campaigning and lobbying group on LGB issues.

  • The Rainbow List is produced annually by The Independent to celebrate the contributions of individuals from the LGB communities.

  • Naz Project London (NPL) provides sexual health and HIV prevention and support services to targeted Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. Although London-based, NPL has resources which may be of interest to Cambridge-based staff and students or those who wish to participate in the organisation's work.

  • Jewish and Gay Lesbian Group is an organization that supports gay and lesbian Jewish people.

  • Iraqi LGBT is a UK-based organisation working on sexual orientation and gender identity issues in Iraq and in neighbouring states.

  • Changing Attitude works for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the life of the Anglican Communion.

  • The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement is a UK-based international Charity which challenges homophobia and transphobia, especially within the Church and faith-based organisations, as well as working to create and praying for an inclusive church.

  • Quest is a Group for Lesbian and Gay Catholics. It has a network of local groups across the country which meet regularly for Mass, discussion and social events.

  • Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam.

  • Sarbat is a national organisation that provides information and resources for Sikhs who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered.