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Equality & Diversity


Equality Assurance Assessment (EAA)

The EAA is the University’s mechanism for undertaking equality impact analysis of policies or functions relevant to the Public Equality Duties (Equality Act 2010). The Process involves the analysis of information and feedback from protected groups and others. This helps us to understand the actual or potential impact of functions, policies or decisions on these groups.

The EAA Review Group oversees the EAA process on behalf of the E&D Committee. EAARG Members 

EAA Form and Guidance
The EAA Form is available to download. It can be completed electronically and saved whilst undertaking the different stages of the EAA. Continuation Sheets are available at the end of the Form.

Guidance has been produced to support the completion of EAAs. It is essential to refer to this whilst undertaking an EAA.