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University of Cambridge Athena SWAN Awards

View the University of Cambridge Athena SWAN Silver Institutional Application Nov 2018


Departmental Submission Guidelines


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Departmental Awards

The table below provides links to Departmental Athena SWAN pages and successful submission PDFs:


Department  Athena SWAN pages

Submission PDF

Clinical Medicine

12 Departments and 5 Research Institutes

Silver Award November 2016

Biological Sciences

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Bronze Award November 2016

Department of Pharmacology

Bronze Award April 2017

Department of Psychology

Bronze Award November 2014

Department of Zoology

Silver Award November 2016

Gurdon Institute

Bronze Award Nov 2017

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Bronze Award April 2017

Department of Genetics

Bronze Award April 2018

Department of Biochemistry

Bronze Award November 2017

Centre for Stem Cell Research

Bronze Award November 2014

Sainsbury Laboratory

Silver Award April 2018

Department of Plant Sciences

Bronze Award April 2015

Department of Pathology

Bronze Award November 2015

Physical Sciences

Department of Physics 

Gold Award April 2018

Department of Chemistry

Silver Award November 2015

Faculty of Mathematics

Bronze Award April 2017

Institute of Astronomy

Bronze Award April 2017

Department of Earth Science

Bronze Award November 2015


Department of Engineering

Silver Award November 2016

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Bronze Award April 2016

Computer Laboratory

Bronze Award April 2015