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Information for Managers


The managers of eligible staff under the Scheme will be informed in writing by the Human Resources Division.

Information relating to an individual staff member and his/her involvement in a Diversity Network should be treated as confidential.

Eligible staff will submit a request in advance to their line managers when release time is to be taken.

Queries related to the scheme should be directed to the respective Diversity Network Facilitator at


The Human Resources Division will transfer the equivalent of the staff member's salary costs (up to 12 hours per annum) to the nominated Department(s). In order to do this, managers are requested to arrange for an internal invoice, equivalent to the staff member's salary costs for 12 hours, to be sent by 30th June to:

Equality & Diversity Section,
25 Trumpington Street,



  1. Eligible staff will complete a Release Time Record Sheet that details the hours for which release time is being claimed and the Department to which this is accrued.
  2. When eligible staff hold more than one employment contract with the University, the internal transfer will be divided between the different University Departments/institutions as indicated on the Release Time Record Sheet.
  3. When eligible staff work for both the University and a College, the payment will be made exclusively to the University Department.
  4. Should eligible staff alter their positions during an academic year, payment will be divided as indicated on the Release Time Record Sheet.