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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Academic Career Pathways CV Scheme

The scheme is open to all academics in all subjects and seeks to encourage and support academics from underrepresented groups to apply for promotion within the University, with the aim of addressing the low numbers of women and racially minoritised academics in senior positions. Research indicates that underrepresented groups can receive less active support in career progression and our data clearly indicates that the University is insufficiently diverse at senior level. 

The Academic Career Pathways CV Scheme brings together academics in more junior posts who are thinking of applying for promotion, with senior academics who have extensive experience of the University's promotions procedures. The process creates an opportunity to have an experienced academic review their CV and promotion paperwork before it is submitted.


Mentors are senior academics who have extensive knowledge of the promotion system and are willing to:

  •  Review the mentee's CV and/or promotions paperwork.
  •  Provide constructive and supportive feedback based on the mentor's knowledge and experience of promotion procedures and the ACP process.
  •  Keep all exchanges confidential.
If you would like to register as a mentor , please contact 

Mentees are Assistant/Associate Professors (Grade 9), Associate Professors (Grade 10) and Professors (Grade 11) who are thinking of applying for promotion either in the next or subsequent rounds and are willing to:

  •  Be clear about anticipated personal outcomes from the mentoring relationship.
  •  Consider and review suggestions a mentor makes.
  •  As with the mentors, treat all exchanges as confidential.
If you would like to register as a mentee, please click here

If you would like to find out more about this scheme please email 

This CV Scheme usually provides support tailored for the ACP promotion process. Senior Research staff who are seeking guidance for promotion to the positions of Principal Research Associate (PRA) and Director of Research (DoR) via the Senior Researcher Promotions (SRP) scheme should contact for advice on finding a SRP mentor, or if in the Clinical School, please contact