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Sex (or gender) is the protected characteristic that refers to a man or woman and protection from sex discrimination is well established within legislation and the University.

It is prohibited to discriminate, harass or victimise a student (current, prospective or past), a member of staff (potential, current or past) or visitor to the University because of their sex, whether this is perceived, actual or associated.

The University has developed policies, for example, the Combined Equality Scheme, to respond to legislation and supports initiatives such as the Women's Staff Network and the Women's Union. Additional initiatives have developed across the University to progress Gender Equality. These include:

For Women

More information on University gender initiatives can be found on the Women at Cambridge pages.

Personal development programmes for staff and post-graduate student

The University also carries out an Equal Pay Review which analyses the pay of staff, identifying differences that exist between the sexes.

Advice for managers or departments is available from the Human Resources Business Managers and the Equality & Diversity section.