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Information for staff members

Staff eligible under this scheme must hold either the Chair or Secretary position of a Staff Diversity Network and be employed by the University. The status of staff will be verified by the University through the CHRIS HR system.


Eligible staff will be contacted by the respective Diversity Network Facilitator (a member of the E&D section) to confirm their participation in the scheme and to seek confirmation of the name(s) of their line manager. The line manager will then be contacted to confirm that the member of staff is eligible for the Release Time for Staff Diversity Networks scheme.

Correspondence will be confidential. Information sent to Departments will not detail the specific Diversity Network that the staff member holds an office for.

Taking release time

Eligible staff will need to agree with the Network Facilitator when release time is to be taken. This must be recorded on the Release Time Record Sheet prior to the time being taken.

Line managers should be informed at the earliest opportunity of when release time is proposed to be taken, in order to ensure agreement is obtained.

The Release Time Record Sheet needs to be completed and submitted to the Network Facilitator by the date specified in the record sheet.

The Human Resources Division will arrange for an internal transfer equivalent to the salary costs of the staff member (up to 12 hours per annum) to be made to the staff member's Department(s).