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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion



Welcome to the University's Women's Staff Network (WSN).

We are a member-led initiative run by women for women. We welcome and are open to all staff who self-identify as women working for the University, a College or an associated institution.

Our Aims

  • Represent – develop campaigns that drive meaningful change at the university and provide a platform for the voice and views of women to be represented

  • Inspire – provide talks and events to inspire women and help career development and fulfilment

  • Support – provide a safe space to talk about and share experiences and interests

  • Empower – empower members to help push for meaningful change across the university


How to join

To join, you will need to subscribe to the mailing list which will ensure you receive our regular newsletter with events, information and news.

If you wish to find out more information about the network you can contact us directly:

For enquiries about the University’s wider gender strategy, please contact Equality, Diversity & Inclusion



We offer a wide range of events and networking opportunities throughout the academic year. For more information about upcoming events, please visit the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion events page.



The Network supports the promoting of a number of university mentoring schemes. Mentoring is a relationship in which an individual supports a colleague, by sharing their professional knowledge and experiences, and utilising key skills and personal attributes, to enable that colleague to achieve their goals.

Mentoring can help you to:

  • Progress in your professional life/career

  • Build your networks

  • Develop your skills, knowledge and capability

  • Facilitate your personal and professional development so that you are able to fulfil your potential.

Mentoring is not about giving advice, or the mentor telling you to 'do it the way I did it'.  It is about motivating and empowering you to identify your own issues and goals. 

To find out more information visit:

Professional Services Staff - Self-match Mentoring Scheme

Academic Staff - Mentoring schemes


How to get involved

We are always looking for topics for our talks programme or recommended speakers so please contact if you have any ideas or want to get more involved in the Network. 

The Women's Staff Network private Teams Channel has three sub-channels; General, Change Group and Menopause Support.



Women’s Higher Education Network

The Cambridge Women’s Staff Network have become a Partner institute for the Women’s Higher Education Network (WHEN). Our partnership demonstrates our commitment to speed up equality across the HE sector by supporting campaigns, networking and events. WHEN is free to join and open to all self-identifying women and non-binary people who work in the higher education sector. We will be promoting WHEN events via our Network as they provide an opportunity to engage with a wide range of topics and network with colleagues at other HEIs. There is lots more information on their website –