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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Combined Equality Scheme (CES)

The University's Equality & Diversity (E&D) section has been tasked with providing specialist expertise to support the University's functions and specific duties as an employer and public education provider.

The University is responsible for taking steps to identify, prevent and eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation, and promote equality of opportunity and good relations. The University is also obliged to develop, review and publish regular reports defining how the institution is progressing equality for those groups protected by equalities law.

The Equality Act 2010 replaces numerous Acts and Regulations and strengthens equality and discrimination law. Instead of separate instruments, The Act defines a list of protected characteristics on the basis of which it would be unlawful to discriminate. It places Age, Pregnancy and Maternity, Religion or Belief, Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment on equal legal terms with Race, Gender and Disability. The Act also incorporates specific requirements, for example establishing Equality Objectives, monitoring and reporting, and demonstrating due regard.

In response to the ending of formal distinctions between the different equalities strands, the University moved from reporting against Race, Gender and Disability, to adopting a Combined Equality Scheme in 2010.

The CES was amended to incorporate the updated public equality duties and was formally approved in 2012.