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Research resources

  • The Double Glazed-Glass Ceiling is a Stonewall report considering the experiences of lesbian women in the workplace. The report looks at how gender and sexual orientation interplay and the impact they have on careers and success in the workplace.
  • Peak Performance is a Stonewall report outlining a business case for good practice in relation to orientation in the workplace. The report considers the experiences of staff and the impact of workplace environment on productivity and performance.
  • International students' services: supporting gay students is an ECU publication that provides information and advice for staff supporting international students.
  • Advancing LGB equality is an ECU guidance publication about improving the experience of lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and students in higher education.
  • The Civil Partnership Act is an ECU guidance publication about the impact of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 on higher education institutions.
  • Lesbian and Gay Rights in the World: There has been significant progress towards equality relating to sexual orientation in the UK in the past 40 years. Globally, 110 states/terror ties have some form of anti-discrimination law relating to sexual orientation. However, there are still over 80 states/territories that persecute Lesbians and Gays.
  • Straight Allies: How they help create gay-friendly workplaces. Stonewall has produced a guide that consider how non-LGB colleagues can positively contribute to the development of inclusive workplaces.
  • Bullying: Preventing the bullying and harassment of gay employees. Stonewall has developed a guide on understanding and preventing homophobic bullying in the workplace.
  • Managing the interface: sexual orientation and faith
  • The LGF's Evidence Exchange is an evidence base of statistics about LGBT needs and experiences. The evidence base is continuously updated to include new research, and all records include as much information about the statistic as possible.